those man quads tho

a run around druid hill reservoir

outside is lemon and legs
the quads the calves
thundering my thighs

outside is thick with you
i’m picking up your peelings and rinds
pushing open the reservoir
to sink – to save your pieces for later

angsty blizzard po um


imagine no bodies,
just skeletons,

the pelvic blooms,
sun skimming thru delicate
strips of forearm
and rib,

imagine passing each other,
opening doors, stumbling,
craniums nodding hello.

i would love to be bone
with you, clutch each other
like notched timber,
forgetting lips, their influence.

how nice to forgo blood and static,
to have awareness of marrow.

and another / poet dawdling in cyber space on friday night

mac’s daughter

she went to a rock concert friday night.
she thought of mac.

bolo ties, tense thighs,
strands of hair caught on moving lips.

lots of twang but she could still hear
her clinky bourbon, the sirens outside.

she thought of him,
the 70s, his hair swinging,
eyes closed, warm temples,
how sleek guitar he was,
how hard his head must of
nodded, achy rockstar man.

she knew he would have liked
this show by “the snakes.”
he would have swayed.
he would have gone home and
swayed in his sleep.

*poet’s father is attending rock concert tonight (beatles cover) so she thought it was a good time to share this one with readers.

i guess i’ll start with a poem:

you control your happiness

put a timer on your coffee pot. let the spider live. eat kale 3 times a week. make a daisy chain. no daisies? use brain tendrils – keep it – drape it around your skull. put lotion on your body parts. get angry at other drivers. touch things and personify your germs. shake your head yes and no. drip gasoline on your shoes. tap apps on your phone then exit quickly. go on long drives and try to remember other long drives. scratch your scalp. love your scalp. your scalp is a good thing; spend some time kneading it.