thx god.

to god:

who is so purple.
who gives me nice purchases at CVS,
like sapphire lipstick and caramels.
who reminds me to include a dryer sheet.
who grants me seat c on the airplane.
who holds my pee a little too long.
who tells me my belly is soft.
who shows me a person unwrapping a big cookie.
who texts me skull emojis.
who presents a deer’s slick gut.
who nudges me to buy texas toast.
who drinks bulleit rye with me.
who kneads, opens my thick tight hamstrings.
who emails me my password.
who remembers centipedes make me gag.
who smells like gasoline and sounds like a soda can cracking open.
who lights my candle.
who waits for the yoga teacher to touch me.
who stains my fingers with beet juice.